Creative studio run by Emmanuelle Buchet dealing with visual
and conceptual stories across brand identity, art direction, social media
content and motion design.

Hunting images sculpting ideas working together

Queens of the house, Revue Maison

Grand Palais, série France TV slash

Les têtes curieuses, Podcast Fondation Cartier x Louie Creative

Smala Paris, Creative studio for fashion and luxury

Teaser Bijoy Jain Catalogue, Éditions Fondation Cartier 

Bis Repetita, Cinema film 

 Time Out iconic formats

Ciao Casanova, Concert in images

Le canon d’Achille, Wine bar and dining cellar

Marie Vial, Cheffe volante

Ron Mueck exhibition, Triennale Milano

Soirées Nomades, Fondation Cartier

 E-shopping campaign, Galeries Lafayette

Loulou, Cinema film 

Bellemeute, Repertoire Creative Agent for Music Talents

Big Mother, Theater play by Mélodie Mourey

Tide Magazine, launching party

The Late Night Show starring Manu Payet, Canal+ TV show

Konbini Techno, Brand channel identity

Go club, Mohamed Namou solo show

Motion titles highlights


Wayfinding highlights

Edition + print identities highlights